Department of Textile Engineering

Library Facilities

Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) inaugurated the department of Textile Engineering in the year 2009. The department was shifted to permanent campus in 2015. After that,it developed a brand-new library facility for the students and faculty members. The University Library offers its users a full range of information and enquiry services. The library’s mission is to enable and enrich the teaching, learning and research endeavors of the university by delivering flexible access to relevant information resources and providing quality services and facilities.

The library can accommodate huge number of students for their effective learning. It has introduced asilent zone. The area is intended for absolute silent study. In silent zone following rules are maintained carefully:

-No Talking

-No Phones

-No Foods

-No Headphones

Study spaces in the rest of the library are designated as quiet zones, where short, whispered conversations will be tolerated. Mobiles should be switched to silent mode and calls to be taken outside the Library. The students and faculty members can borrow books for their personal study for a certain period. After that they must return the books to the library. The books are arranged in the shelf department wise so that the students can find the desired books easily.  The library also keeps the collection of industrial attachment and research-based thesis papers of students for helping new researchers. A librarian is always there to assist the students and faculty members with any kinds of information regarding the library.

Library website has been augmented with useful links like JSTOR, Research4life (HINARI, AGORA, OARE, ARDI), Regional Journals Online etc. Through these online databases library patrons were succeeding to enter thousands of free full text e-resources i.e. articles, book chapters, books etc.


E-Journals: More than 25,793 full text e-journals through Research4life, ELibraryUSA and BanglaJol.

E-Books: More than 30,000 full text e-books through Research4life, ELibraryUSA and NUB E-Repository.

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