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I am writing to let you know about the exciting launch of the Northern University Bangladesh Alumni Association of Textile Department. As you well know, Northern University Bangladesh is a special community. For many of us, the time we spent as students at Northern University Bangladesh offered a rare opportunity to be among like-minded thinkers and faculty members.


We wish to tell you about new venture we've started or ways our degree from Northern University Bangladesh has helped us grow professionally or personally. Perhaps you've had an exceptional experience, or unusually meaningful synchronicities to share and keep things beyond.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Nassa Group Executive Industrial Engineer

I would like to say that my 4 years at NUB has been one of the best periods in my life.

As with graduate students in Textile Engineering, I was heavily trained in basic knowledge, from theoretical subjects to analytical courses using labs and instruments. My second and third year of study was mainly focused on different parts of textile sectors including yarn, knit, wet and apparel engineering where I applied the knowledge gained earlier. Indeed, in my workplace, these types of knowledge and experience support me. In the final year I choose myself to be a part of the whole industry.

Apart from the excellent academic experiences, I also reaped benefits of being a part of multi-cultural student body. I continuously learned how to share ideas with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. The intensive and extensive interactions with people from different countries and cultures equipped me with better interpersonal skills.

There are many things to say about the goodness of NUB, including the outstanding library and computing services, interesting club activities, various events with the local community, and many more. To sum up, NUB gave me not only the best study experience ever but also gave me the privilege of learning about others cultures, beliefs and perspectives. These all have helped me to succeed in my career after NUB.

Come to NUB, you will not be disappointed.

Control Union Bangladesh, Certification Assistant

The Program at NUB on Textile Engineering attracts creative and dedicated students who wish to pursue enlightening careers. To improve my analytical and research ability on engineering issues, I chose the NUB. We know from the very beginning till now NUB has been ensuring all kinds of facilities for the students of textile engineering providing well equipped practical laboratories. It is our pleasure when we see the students are engaged in the Physics, Chemistry and Textile Laboratories to enhance their skills in their relevant fields.


It is an honor to serve as a President of Textile Alumni Association NUB (TAANUB). The mission and commitment of our Alumni Association NUB (TAANUB) remain the same, to keep our alumni connected to our department as well as the university, and each other, and to support the students who will follow as future Textile Alumni Association NUB (TAANUB) graduates.


So, why are you waiting for? Come, join Textile Engineering in NUB and flourish your future with us.


Northern University Bangladesh Textile Alumni Association NUB (President)

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